The secret teachings of the west, as taught to Jerry by his teacher Colette, always venerated women. Jerry in turn was a great admirer of women. In this excerpt below from Healing Into Immortality, he explains why:

“In connection with the biblical stories, I make ref­erence to Eve eating the apple first and then giving it to Adam. Since, in the spiritual universe nothing happens by chance, so it was not by chance that Eve tasted the fruit first. Her doing so makes a significant point in the Western spiritual tradition: The woman is the teacher of the man. Woman leads man into life or restores man to life. Eve leads Adam into this life on earth, which is now our university where we are to learn the laws of spiritual understanding that will one day allow us to turn this violence-ridden planet into one of love, justice, and mercy. This shift is currently taking place as the patriarchal dominance of the past gives way to the matriarchal impulse of love, wisdom, and cooperation.”

To me, Jerry’s last work, We Are Not Meant to Die could have easily been entitled: Healing Into Immortality Vol 2, as it is both a sequel and expansion on Healing Into Immortality (1994). After 30 years, it remains an excellent primer on spiritual life, accessible to people of all faiths, even as it is rooted in the Western Spiritual Tradition.

(By the way — We Are Not Meant to Die is on schedule to be released this spring — really!)

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Imagery International 2024 Conference Submissions Open

Imagery International has put out a call for submissions of workshops for their 16th annual conference with the theme “Birthing a New World With Imagery” that will take place virtually from October 25th-27th, 2024. The deadline for submissions is May 10th. Proposed workshops will be considered based on the following criteria:

  • Content aligns with the conference theme.
  • Proposal includes a course outline which reflects the use of both experiential activities and lecture, with the emphasis on experiential.
  • Workshop fits within a 90-minute total timeframe, including 15 minutes for audience Q&A at the end. (Your presentation will be 75 minutes.)
  • All parts of the application have been completed upon submission

If you’re interested in submitting a workshop, click here to access the application form.