While you are lying in bed, with eyes closed, breathe out one time slowly and imaginally go over your day in REVERSE order, focusing on any conflictual situations. Start with the most recent disturbing event, then go back in time until you get to the first difficult event of the day. You can correct the events imaginally any way you wish.

For example, if you had an argument with someone:

Just see yourself remaining calm, or walking away, or switching points of view so you adopt the other person’s point of view and he or she adopts yours. (That is you say, in your voice, what the other said to you, and the other says what you said in his/her own voice). Notice how you feel. In this way, you gain distance from your habitual responses and find new ways to respond to daily conflicts.

Alternatively, you can take a golden pail of clear water and a golden brush and wipe away the “scene” or memory of the argument to the left, including the people and any disturbing feelings this evoked in you.

For a complete description of Nighttime Reversing and its uses, see Reversing Cancer Through Mental Imagery.