Intention: To heal and connect to the Earth

Frequency: Do once a day in morning for seven or 21 days.

  • Close your eyes and breathe out three times.
  • See yourself walking along a path, where ahead of you is a strong, tall tree.
  • Go to this tree and embrace it, knowing this is the tree of life.
  • Now stand beside the tree, leaning up against it.
  • As you stand here, feel yourself becoming as one with the tree.
  • Feel your toes curling down into the earth, drawing in its nutrients and strength.
  • Feel your torso becoming as the trunk, and your arms reaching up through the branches.
  • As you and the tree merge together completely, see and feel its sap and chlorophyll rising and circulating throughout, imbuing you with strength, peace, and the power to heal.
  • Feel how it is to be the roots, the trunk, the branches and the leaves of the tree.
  • As the golden sun warms you and the fresh breeze stirs you, imagine yourself in full bloom.
  • Feel and know how it is to be ageless, strong, and full of life.
  • See how you are connected above and below, to heaven and earth, to all that is, was, and that ever will be. . .
  • Breathe out one time, and slowly return now, feeling rejuvenated, awake, aware, and entirely yourself.
  • Thank the tree for this experience. Then slowly open your eyes.

Based on Imagery written by Colette