This week we honor the English & Hebrew Yahrzheit of our beloved Dr. Jerry. His revolutionary ideas and innovative approach to the practice of self-healing have been gifts to many, and his legacy is carried on through his students and the perpetuation of his teachings at AIMI. All of Jerry’s teachings remind us to remember ourselves, to choose life, to live freely, and to love. We are here to learn to love ourselves, our neighbors and Invisible Reality, so that we, like King Solomon, may say love is “strong as death.”

The Past to Eternity: Finding the Moment
From Dr. Jerry’s upcoming book, We Are Not Meant to Die
Adapted from Mme. Colette Aboulker-Muscat

Close your eyes and breathe out three times slowly. See and become one with the experience of how living in the present is the only way to stop living in the past.

Breathe out. Know how this is possible only if you pass from the horizontal plane of everyday life to the vertical Life of Spirit.

Breathe out. Now take the present moment and lift it up to eternity seven times.

Breathe out and open your eyes.

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Imagery for Grief & Loss – Starts February 25th

In the embrace of grief, find a sanctuary of healing and renewal. With expert guidance, delve into the language of mental imagery, unraveling the complexities of loss and discovering moments of solace and connection. Join our community of support, and embark on a transformative journey towards healing, empowered by newfound resilience and hope.
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Imagery: Empowered to Heal – Starts February 20th

Unlock your inner wisdom and connect to Spirit through the life-altering practice of heart-centered imagery. Join our experiential class to learn how to harness the power of your intuition, heal past wounds, and navigate life’s challenges with confidence. Step into a supportive community of seekers and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.
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GEMS II: The Wisdom Keepers – Starts February 20th

Start an exploration of imagination, intuition, and healing within Western Spiritual Traditions. Through engaging discussions and curated readings from The Gospel of Thomas and other sacred texts, uncover the path to inner illumination and union with Spirit. Experience the power of tailored imagery exercises to deepen your understanding and enhance your personal growth through this enriching course.
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Know Thy Self: A Weekly Commitment to Growth – Join by February 22nd

Ready to make a change but finding it difficult to hold yourself accountable? Our course, Know Thy Self: A Weekly Commitment to Growth, can help. Using Robert Rhondell’s transformative book, The Science of Man,learn how to shed habits that no longer serve you, tap into your truest self, and deepen your spiritual connection alongside a supportive group of fellow seekers. Set yourself free through community support, self-exploration, and personal evolution in one of AIMI’s core classes, freshly updated for 2024.
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Victoria Pepe, one of Jerry’s former students, is a creator of neoclassical new age soundscapes. Her ethereal creations craft a sonic and visual journey that resonates with the soul, offering a tranquil escape into a world of enchanting beauty. She is a masterful creator of dreamy, meditative soundscapes and stunning visual artistry. Check out her newest release below, and visit her Spotify by copying the following link into your browser:


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